Beth Carey

My work shows nature through jewelry. Using jewelry creating techniques to create texture, color and form in nature motif in my work. I fabricate all my work from sheet & wire stock of sterling silver, fine silver & 14k gold with some of my casting work included. Colored stones are added to enhance in the design. I use traditional jewelry making techniques, soldering with a propane/oxygen torch. Cutting with a handsaw, forming with hammers & sometimes using a hydraulic press, etching, weaving metal, texturing with rolling mill or torch & fusing metal are a few of the techniques used in my work. In casting I carve a wax model, have the wax burned out of the mold made & inject molten metal to create image. All my work is hand polished to finish.

As early as I can remember I have been interested in nature & art. I have always been fascinated with art history & learned about European art through books & antique treasures. Jewelry tells a story & history of the people who wear the creations. My creating metalwork developed in the 1960’s while in Middletown High School Middletown, Md. I have never stopped learning since.