Upcoming Exhibitions

April 2017

Kathy Bush & Marshall Kinsley

A Trip Around the Sun

A Year of Well Seasoned Artwork

March 30–April 30, 2017

Artists’ Reception: April 1, 5–9pm


As Artists we visit the seasons to wonder, interpret, and try to capture the moods and gifts of the seasons: ponds covered with cherry blossoms, peonies opening to spring warmth, fields of green meeting distant purple hills, water cascading through fiery autumn trees, glistening snow covered mountains. This exhibit presents two artists as they journey through a year in seasonal procession capturing the impressions each uniquely offers. From their own backyard gardens to the snow covered mountains of Switzerland they create paintings following the sun and the rhythms of the earth.

NOMA Show Schedule 2017:
Receptions on the 1st Saturday of each month 

May — What Springs to Mind?

June — NOMA Invitational

July — Louise Zeller

August —Downtown Frederick Partnership Plein Air Painters and members Locally Themed Work

September — Anne Quinlan

October — Richard Schellenberg and Caroline Mayer

November — Pamela Hall

December — Cleo Dunsmore Buchanan & Linda Van Hart

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. I’m pretty excited about NOMA. Wishing you a ton of success & gratification! If you ever have any use for a loose consortium of local poets, Have Wanda or Karin put you in touch with Slant Light.


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