Upcoming Exhibitions

November 2020

Linda Van Hart  &  Judith Kornett

Gaunlette of Fyre


November 6–29, 2020

Opening: First Saturday, November 7th, 12-8pm.

Judith Kornett will be at the gallery Saturdays 12-4pm and Linda Van Hart 4-8pm.
Their Gallery Talks happen each Saturday between 3:30-4:30pm. You may make an appointment for your group of friends or family to view the show and speak with the artists. Call 443-340-0955 to make an appointment.

Judith Kornett and Linda Van Hart have customized and feminized the title of this show to describe the work of two powerful and creative women both of whom use fire in their art. Linda uses an  oxyacetylene torch to construct her work and the torch of her passion to spontaneously react to metal. Judith employs a ceramic kiln and molten glass to fire her passion for exploring new media: “Gauntlet of Fire” became their “Gauntlette of Fyre”! Judith and Linda have been working on this show since their own Medieval Times. This is their Renaissance, their coming of age. Kornett’s coming of age would not have been possible had her Spirit Guide, The Raven, not been flying next to her side since her very beginning.

Both artists have had to run personal gauntlets in recent years. They have dealt with health issues like cancer and tick born diseases that threatened life and sanity. The creative action to find their voices, to garner will and focus after physical trauma, is its own gauntlet.

Judith and Linda deal with the gauntlet of age. Each artist abandoned processes because of these challenges and cast off concepts that had simply run their course. This collection of jewelry, sculpture, mono prints and fibre art is the work of mature women who have been creating since they were children. Their revelations in “Gaunlette of Fyre” are profoundly personal but also universal.

NOMA Show Schedule 2020–2021:

December  —  Richard Schellenberg & Steven Dobbin
January — Group Show with Focus on New Members
February — Karin Birch
March — Lisa Tayerle & Andrea McCluskey
April — Caroline Mayer
May — James Germaux
June — Gary Schlappal

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. I’m pretty excited about NOMA. Wishing you a ton of success & gratification! If you ever have any use for a loose consortium of local poets, Have Wanda or Karin put you in touch with Slant Light.


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