Upcoming Exhibitions

December 2019

Jeff Bohlander


Topics of discourse, Jeff Bohlander

Artist Statement

Discourse refers to how we think and communicate. The verbal and visual connections we have with people, things, and society as well as the relationships within and between all three. By virtue of giving structure to language and thought, discourse provides order in our lives and relationships. Typically it emerges out of social institutions and shapes our behavior, beliefs, values, and identities.

In Linguistics, discourse refers to a unit of language and its social usage. By studying the use of verbal (spoken or written) and visual language in a social context, we see how larger units of language—including semantics, syntax and context—apply layered meaning to conversations.

Often, meaning cannot be extrapolated from a verbal exchange alone because of the many semantic factors involved; however, visual discourse begins with a shared visual language.  Graphic signage, advertising, corporate identity, and logos are all examples of this shared visual/verbal language. In this solo exhibition, I am drawn to the diverse semantic dialogues that take place between the images, the viewer, and the artist. This dialogue is succinctly specific to the individual. He/She brings to the conversation their own unique story, context, and experience, in turn giving the work specific and unique meaning wholly separate from any intended meaning given by the creator or others. The interaction and communication of images and elements within the work creates even another form of discourse that may invoke a completely independent meaning.


NOMA Show Schedule 2019 -May 2020:
Receptions on the 1st Saturday of each month

December Jeff Bohlander

NOMA Show Schedule 2020:

January — NOMA Invitational 2020

February — TBA

March — Virginia Sperry & Jim Roberts

May — Karin Birch

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. I’m pretty excited about NOMA. Wishing you a ton of success & gratification! If you ever have any use for a loose consortium of local poets, Have Wanda or Karin put you in touch with Slant Light.


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