Upcoming Exhibitions

August 2021

James Germaux

August 6-29, 2021

Meet the artist Saturday August 7 at the gallery from 5-8pm

Third Thursday Artist Talk in the gallery on August 19, 7pm.

Due to the pandemic and my subsequent retirement, I found myself with a wealth of time to spend in my studio. Unlike past exhibitions, I did not have a specific theme in mind, although many months later, one began to emerge. Therefore, I decided to use this time to play, to experiment with tools and materials previously absent in my work…such as palette knives, spray paint, markers, etc. These paintings are the result of that exercise.


NOMA Show Schedule 2021:

September — Jeff Bohlander
October — Kesra Hoffman & Teke Hoffman
November — Gary Schlappal
December — Caitlin Gill & Phyllis Mayes

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. I’m pretty excited about NOMA. Wishing you a ton of success & gratification! If you ever have any use for a loose consortium of local poets, Have Wanda or Karin put you in touch with Slant Light.


  2. So happy to see the gallery doing so well. The invitational show looks amazing. I wish you continued success. love to you all.

    Liked by 1 person

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