Upcoming Exhibitions

July 2023 

J G Orudjev &
Todd Frankenfield

June 30 – July 30, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 1, 5-8pm
Artists’ Talk: Thursday, July 20, 7pm

J G Orudjev and Todd Frankenheimer will show work in mixed media in the exhibition “Infinite Surface” at NOMA gallery throughout July.

Orudjev and Frankenheimer met online in 2022, each finding resonance in the other’s work. Their continuing dialogue emerges into physical space in this collaborative showcase of their recent individual bodies of work in mixed media, painting, and collage.

J G Orudjev, living in Frederick MD, is a collage artist and painter. Her work explores the nature of memory, transformative and transitory states, and the act and language of making meaning. She is a member at NOMA gallery. 

Find her online galleries at https://www.nineteendegrees.net

Todd Frankenfield, living in Easton PA, is a mixed media artist. His work deals in topics of nihilism, surrealism, minimalism, and the inherently finite property of materials. He’s a member of an artist’s collective outside Philadelphia, PA. 

Find Todd’s online galleries at https://www.toddfrankenfield.com

In “Infinite Surface”, both artists address the surfaces created in their work as both projection and meaning.  Orudjev primarily in collage, abstracting narrative from ephemera and found paper, and Frankenfield cutting a shoreline between thought and space in his constructions of color and shape.


NOMA 2023 Show Schedule:

August — Phyllis Mayes
September — Lisa Tayerle
October — Andrea McCluskey
November —Thomas Sterner & Jim Roberts
December — Richard Schellenberg


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