Upcoming Exhibitions

December 2021


Caitlin Gill & Phyllis Mayes

December 3-26, 2021

First Saturday Opening: December 4 | 5-8pm
Artist led Workshop: Sunday, December 12 | 1pm–3pm 
Third Thursday Artist Talk: December 16 | 7-8pm
Reconfigured explores the relationship between beauty and the grotesque. This juxtaposition creates a weird, cognitive dissonance that is not entirely unpleasant. The resignation that beauty is always suspect, but still must be pursued, anchors Mayes and Gill’s investigation into the tension between these two aesthetics.
Themes prevalent in both artists’ work include: femininity, whimsy, distortion, beauty, youth and fragility. Both artists attempt to articulate their complicated and nuanced relationships with social pressures and constructs while simultaneously navigating their journey as individuals, artists and specifically, women.

NOMA Show Schedule 2022:

January — Virginia Sperry
February — Thomas Sterner-Anne Quinlan
March — Guy Kuhn
April — Jim Roberts
May — TBA
June — Gary Schlappal

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. I’m pretty excited about NOMA. Wishing you a ton of success & gratification! If you ever have any use for a loose consortium of local poets, Have Wanda or Karin put you in touch with Slant Light.


  2. So happy to see the gallery doing so well. The invitational show looks amazing. I wish you continued success. love to you all.

    Liked by 1 person

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