Current Exhibition

March 2018


Dead Woman’s Shoe Barred by a Black Bank of Clouds

Jeff Bohlander
& Phyllis Mayes

March 2 – April 1, 2018

Artists’ Reception: Saturday, March 3, 5-9pm

Gallery Talk: Thursday, March 15, 6:30-8pm

Phyllis Mayes and Jeff Bohlander will exhibit at NOMA Gallery in Frederick during the month of March. If it is not immediately obvious that both artists claim to have a great interest in dadaism, the shows title, “Dead Woman’s Shoe Barred by a Black Bank of Clouds” should be a decent clue. Begun in 1915, after 1920 Dada flourished in Paris. Developed in reaction to the chaos and senselessness of World War 1, the Dada movement rejected the logic, reason, and traditional aestheticism of modern society, instead expressing nonsense and irrationality. Mayes describes herself as a Dada artist, saying her “goal is to engineer a complete transformation of the existing social and political order by using absurdity, nonsense, silliness and childishness. I reject logic, reason and authority. I delight in chaos and nihilism.” Bohlander can certainly relate to these statements. His work combines seemingly incongruous elements and objects in a way that allows the viewer to infer their own story or memories. His work ranges from drawing, painting, collage/mixed media to assemblage and alternative photographic processes and digital fine art. He says, “I am a scavenger, a picker and painter,” declaring that, “my work is filled with collage, paper ephemera, personal drawings and materials usually found at flea markets, junkyards, barns, my own childhood or family heritage, or simply walking down the street.

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