Current Exhibition

November 2017

Pamela Hall
Lisa Sheirer


November 3–26, 2017

Artists’ Reception: November 4th, 5-9pm

The Circle of Life

The circle of life, man and nature, intertwined and dependent on each other. Living and breathing on our blue planet. What could possibly go wrong? My new ceramic work will feature the “Apis mellifera” or Western Honeybee. The show will include hand carved, and embossed botanical themed ceramic works, created in porcelain and stoneware clay.
— Pamela Hall Ceramic Artist

This new work is the continuation of my “Entropic Mandala” series. I could not stop working in the mandala form — I think it was a need for order in this chaotic time. In this series, many of the canvases are shaped into circles or rounded forms. The contents of these photo collages are iPhone photos I shot during my everyday encounters out in the world. These art works offer a bit of happiness through color and pattern.
— Lisa Sheirer

NOMA Show Schedule 2017:
Receptions on the 1st Saturday of each month

December — Linda Van Hart & Gary Schlappal

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