Current Exhibition

December 2020

Steven Dobbin & Richard Schellenberg

266 Days and Counting


December 4–27, 2020

Opening: First Saturday, December 5th, 5-8pm.
Artist Talk: Saturday, December 19, 1pm 
See the recorded Artists’ Talk here.

Virtual Gallery

266 days and counting…
266 days of wearing a mask
266 days judging others about their lack of a mask
266 days thinking a cough, a sneeze or a running nose could be the beginning of the virus…
266 days that didn’t inspire creativity
266 days worrying about flying, pumping gas, public restrooms, supermarkets, restaurants…
266 days of going into the studio at least 25% of the time…
266 days of missing friends and family
266 days of using the virus as an excuse not to do things that I didn’t want to do
266 days of walking 5 miles or more a day at the time of this writing…
266 days of no art openings
266 days not caring about sports
266 days where 6 feet doesn’t seem far enough
266 days of re-purposing old art work
266 days of making without planning
266 days of planning without making
266 days of wondering how much is too much
266 days of virtual school, zoom meetings, and social distancing
266 days of trying to find binge-worthy television to watch
266 days of collecting cat food cans for an art piece
266 days of looking without seeing
266 days and counting…

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