Current Exhibition

October 2021

Kesra Hoffman
Claiming The Light

October 1-31, 2021

First Saturday Opening: October 2, 5-8pm
Third Thursday Artist Talk at the gallery: October 21, 7-8pm

For years I’ve used gouache translucently on white watercolor paper, reveling in the luminosity glowing through thinned washes of color, and celebrating the pop of pigment when more vibrancy was needed.

But I’ve always known gouache is a versatile medium.

Recently I started playing with gouache on blue or tan or especially black paper, and found the effect quite compelling, even if a bit counterintuitive. Instead of feeling dark and heavy, the contrast of color seems even more brilliant.

Painting on black paper requires choosing space for the color, committing to the paint, and claiming the light.

The duality of meaning is not lost on me and speaks to my mantra of looking up and seeking the the good, especially in the face of doubt and darkness. Every moment spent practicing this helps to quiet my heart.

This body of work is my newest exploration of my favorite medium.

— Kesra Hoffman

See the entire show here.

2 thoughts on “Current Exhibition

  1. Jeff,
    How more wonderful your latest piece quoting Lincoln’s second inaugural has become personal for me. “How The Light Gets In” is such a perfect title for this piece!! Your Artist Statement brought a tear to my eye. I love all your work, but this has a special place in my heart!!! Mom and I want to buy it! We have a special place for it!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!


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