Current Exhibition

March 2020

Virginia Sperry
& Jim Roberts
“Occupied Space”


March 6–29, 2020  Update: Gallery closed until March 30
Opening Reception: Sat, March 7, 5–9pm
Artists’ Talk: Due to COVID-19 closings, the Artists’ talk on March 19 is cancelled

NOMA’s March exhibition showcases the installation work of Virginia Sperry and Jim Roberts. The show, titled occupied space, will feature two separate installations, one by each artist.

Sperry’s installation, Filament, takes a common material to a new level of experience. From the detailed, abstract photography of tiny pieces of yarn to the bigger than life waterfalls made from strands of yarn hanging from the ceiling, this installation challenges the viewer’s preconceptions of this medium.

Roberts’ installation delves into the current political milieu with his work, anatomy of a lie. Showing the various stages of how a lie can take form and spread, the piece is a 3-dimensional illustration of the attacking and discrediting of factual information by laying siege to the 4th estate.

NOMA Show Schedule 2020:
Receptions on the 1st Saturday of each month

April – Harriet Wise
May – Karin Birch
June – TBA
July – TBA
August – TBA
September – Steven Dobbin
October – Thomas Sterner & Anne Quinlan — “Life and Limb”
November – Linda Van Hart & Judith Kornett — “Gauntlet of Frye”
December – Richard Schellenberg


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