Andrea McCluskey

Printmaking has always been a way to follow the mark making, to give in to the process and then stand back. My work is divided between dichotomies of spirit/intellect and abstraction/figuration. In my prints I am exploring change and transformation. I am curious when shapes and forms reappear after some length of time and in a new way, hinting at a place in my psyche that stores this symbolic language for use when I least expect or know how to consciously call it up. It speaks of a wilderness (wilder/ness) that at times mirrors the natural world around me. Nature is a place that influences the imagery in my prints. I use a language of abstraction made up of biomorphic forms and repeating patterns. I share the words of French feminist critic Helene Cixious, “A new language? No. A virgin way of listening and making the always new/old language speak.”


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