Antonio Tobias (Toby) Mendez

Antonio Tobias (Toby) Mendez is a Maryland based sculptor with over 25 years of experience creating significant works of art. Born in Colorado in 1963, Toby spent most of his childhood in Japan and Thailand. In 1974, his family moved to Maryland where Toby attended sculpture classes and honed his fine art skills in a gifted and talented program for young artists. Through this intensive creative experience, at the age of 16, Toby chose sculpture as his career path.

After high school, Toby apprenticed with the Academy Award winning makeup sculptor John Chambers. He then entered the Art Institute of Chicago where he learned the processes of bronze casting practiced by sculptors and fine art foundries for centuries. This hands-on technical experience afforded Toby the early opportunity to cast his own works in bronze and to accept his first commissions. Toby also went abroad for a year in Spain where he studied the techniques used in creating large scale monuments.

In 1988, Toby set up his studio in the Maryland/DC area. Toby primarily focuses on the figure, combining a classical approach with a contemporary eye for site design. In addition to creating lasting legacies through public art, Toby continues to create personal works for acquisition by private collectors. Toby’s untiring work as a sculptor for over 25 years, allows for the unique sensibility and insight in his work. This is well noted in his public works such as his Thurgood Marshall Memorial in Annapolis, Maryland, The United States Navy Memorial in Washington DC and The Six Baltimore Orioles Legends for the Baltimore Orioles in Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland.

Media Contact:
Antonio Tobias “Toby” Mendez
Toby Mendez Studios
19419 Frog Eye Road
Knoxville, Maryland 21758

(301) 834-6239

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