Lisa Sheirer

A native of far Western Maryland, Lisa Sheirer is an Associate Professor and Program Manager of Computer Graphics & Photography at Frederick Community College, Frederick, Maryland. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking from West Virginia University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from The University of Notre Dame. Ms. Sheirer has been creating professional artwork for Over 30 years.

Her public art projects include a ceramic mural at Baltimore Washington International Airport commissioned by the Maryland Department of Transportation and a glass mural installed in the new Western MD Health System lobby. In the recent past, Lisa has had solo shows in Washington, Baltimore & Chicago.


M.F.A. (Painting & Sculpture) – 1982 – University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana

B.F.A. (Painting & Printmaking) – 1979 – West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

“Water Series” Artist Statement

The “Water Stories Series” came out of a solstice ceremony I attended. A Native American speaker asked us to pray for the Potomac River. This simple request had a profound impact on me, and since that time I have been obsessively photographing the Potomac River and its tributaries. I am also a regular at Lilipons Water Garden in Southern Frederick County and although this aquatic garden can be luscious in the spring and summer – I prefer the winter months, the stalks of the water lilies make mysterious letter forms – runes of a sort.

In my work I want to push beyond the natural scene & explore the energy lines of the ripples and shadows. The play of sun on the water is nature’s pixelation of the scene. As I dissect the water scene further, I see and create lines between contrasting areas – these lines represent the energy inherent in water. This series is my prayer for the health of water everywhere.

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